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In order to prepare our stud of birds, we first found we had to set up

a good management program.
For us the breeding season starts in April and finish in November,
this usually commences breeding when the weather starts cooling for winter.
Breeding ceasing with the climate gradually warming and completion will
be finalised well before the summer heat hits with weather far to
hot for breeding.
We feed our birds, only the best seed available and hulled oats.
The hulled oats are given to all breeding pairs and every second day in the 
flights, making sure to keep a close eye for over weight birds.
Green food and vegetables are supplied fresh every day of the week.
We regularly change the different varieties to keep the birds interested. 
Our birds absolute love the Carrot, Silver Beat, Corn, Celery, Apple and we
also feed Mung Beans and Alfa Sprouts.
Our birds receive fresh shell grit every day. We feel shell grit provides
budgerigar's with a good source fort heir digestive system and contains some
Clean Water is essential for good health. So we change drinkers every day
as required and is replaced with filtered water. Once a month we supply
them with Liquid Calcium.
Calcium is beneficial in preventing egg binding and promoting health
feathers for aviary birds.
Twice a year, they all get worming syrup added to the water.
All new birds brought in to our stud are treated for problems such as external
parasites, worms, canker, coccidiosis, mega back and psittacosis.
Any birds entering our establishments are considered to be contaminated
until a full treatment schedule has been completed.
The birds are treated as a precaution during the summer months for canker as
this is when birds are most susceptible.
On the rare occasions when the aviary floor becomes wet due to excessive rain
or weather conditions and is unable to dry out within a considerable time
 frame than the treatment for coccidiosis is used on all birds as a
precaution and the wet or damp areas dried by other alternative processes.
All stock is treated twice a year with Ivomec prior to the breeding season
and again at the end of the breeding season including all chicks.
This process takes care of the parasites on the birds.
The secret to a good management program is hygiene.
Cleaning is one place we pride ourselves and consider it to be a contributing
factor to health birds. The aviary gets a good clean out once a week
and the job is made easier with a “Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner.”
During the week, if required, we remove excessive feathers using the Vacuum
The above management program has shown us
some good results and if you are satisfied with your
current management program, then we would like to
advice you to stick to it.

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